San Jose, CA, September 29, 2017 – Uncovering the essential traits of exemplary business leaders, authors Ash Seddeek and Leslie A. Rubin have released a riveting new book. Aimed to help business leaders and budding entrepreneurs, the book is deemed a “proven recipe” for effective leadership and communication. The book documents interviews with 12 diverse business leaders who provide an in-depth analysis of how they successfully dealt with crisis and opportunities.

Titled MEANING: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity During Times of Crisis and Opportunity, the book is meant to inspire readers on how to face the toughest business situations and effectively communicate to multiple audiences, and embrace new opportunities to build a stronger company. Seddeek and Rubin extensively interviewed 12 business leaders from various industries in order to discover the secrets behind these leaders’ perseverance, how they create meaning in tough situations and inspire others to give the extra effort needed to succeed in high-stakes situations and capture opportunities.

Ash Seddeek is an executive leadership coach and best-selling author who provides cutting-edge training to business leaders and entrepreneurs; Leslie A. Rubin is the CEO of an executive and strategic communications consultancy, where she helps executive leaders build their brand and ultimately increase their communication effectiveness for maximum impact. Together, the pair has created an array of executive leadership and communications programs for several Fortune 500 companies. Their latest joint endeavor is this cutting-edge and riveting bestseller that encompasses not only their careers, but the careers of the included 12 business leaders who have a lot of valuable insight to provide to the readers.

“The combined expertise of Ash and Leslie and their unique approach towards interviewing the business leaders is what makes this book worthwhile. Both of them, together and separately, have amazing career achievements and experiences. This book is an essential weapon for all business leaders who aim to take their careers and companies to extreme heights of success,” stated a book spokesperson in an official press statement.
Ash Seddeek and Leslie A. Rubin are available for interviews.

Meaning: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity During Times of Crisis and Opportunity in now available on Amazon:

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