CALGARY, CANADA, May 3, 2017 — Love’s Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment --- The High Council was Jenny Hogg Ashwell’s soul assignment. Jenny transcribed messages of enlightenment from The High Council, which consists of Jesus, the archangels and other spiritual teachers.

These Divine messages have a clear goal: To awaken mankind to the Love that connects all. This book is the High Council’s gift to all mankind — a guidebook for this journey.

“We wish for you to read Love’s Curriculum. Within its pages, you will find the Bounty of Love and Light to which you have been called — for which you have been dreaming and desiring to fill within you the void. Within its pages are the answers contained, the magic brought forth, the truth illuminated, for all to hear and see. Let Love’s Curriculum help you on your journey to awaken to Love. It is time.” ~ The High Council

Now, it is mankind’s turn to embrace these messages and be gently awakened with memories of Love as they uncover their souls’ Divine purposes. Love’s Curriculum is a guide on igniting Love in the world. The time has come for all to join in the Awakening.

Through Divine grace, personal growth, exploration, and enormous trust, Jenny Hogg Ashwell has travelled a path from lawyer to student of spirituality and mother of three, to spiritual counselor and intuitive, to learn of her soul’s assignment to scribe Love’s Curriculum for the High Council and bring forth their messages to the world.

She is a natural bridge to the spiritual realm and gifted mentor to those wishing to discover and live their soul’s Divine purpose. Jenny is also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and she is dedicated to awakening Love in the world.

Jenny Hogg Ashwell is available for interviews.

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