Little Rock, Arkansas, May 29, 2017 — Lawyer Ken Hardison doesn’t chase ambulances to get new business! He markets. His new bestseller, Systematic Marketing: How To Grow Your Firm Without Losing Your Mind tells how Hardison had to overcome the law profession’s tradition that marketing or advertising was beneath its dignity.

Hardison wrote this book to teach fellow lawyers what the law schools didn’t. Without a system for growing a firm, even the greatest lawyers won’t achieve all that they should. Most lawyers, those who market at all, market without a plan for attracting, tracking, contacting and following up and the result is a haphazard mess.

The marketing strategies that Hardison reveals are those that he has used himself to build one of the largest Personal Injury Law Firms in North Carolina. Systematic Marketing is the perfect road map to a great marketing system that will produce a steady flow of leads and clients.

Inside Systematic Marketing, is the blueprint for legal marketing, the three phases of legal marketing, how to build a sales and marketing machine, strategies for online and offline marketing, a proven method to differentiate yourself, systems that Hardison uses to gain clients and referrals, how to automate sales and marketing machine and much more.

Ken Hardison, Esq. practiced Injury and Disability Law for over 32 years and built one of the largest Personal Injury Law Firms in the state of North Carolina. He attributes his success to his persistence and willingness to try new things, primarily in marketing.

Ken has had proven success with his firm and in 2009 decided to share his knowledge with other lawyers. This led to the creation of PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association). PILMMA is the only legal marketing and management association exclusively for Injury and Disability Lawyers.

Ken Hardison Esq. is available for interviews.

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