DALLAS, TEXAS, July 10, 2017 — In Manitonquat’s (Medicine Story) new bestseller, Have You Lost Your Tribe: The Paradise on Earth Now Under Construction – Welcome Home, he shares how to live the very best life here on earth. This book shows it’s not only possible but also actually happening now all over the world in communities where thousands are now actively engaged in creating the life of their dreams.

Manitonquat shares his perspective as a tribal person that human beings became human when they came together for mutual support and protection. Most people today have little hope to affect a culture where a few own and control the resources of the world and its governments and are now destroying the environment through a global economy that makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and everyone mere consumers and spectators.

Quietly a few people have begun to leave that system and create free societies of people supporting each other and living sustainably close to the Earth, taking responsibility for making the best life for their children.

Have You Lost Your Tribe reveals how an individual as well as families can learn how to do just that. Together there is nothing mankind cannot do. It is time to settle and find where each person belongs on this Earth, to make a safe, free and loving home for all children, and to create a new world of compassion, peace and beauty. It is time for a new vision of humankind.

Manitonquat states, “I have therefore come to the opinion that the most reasonable recourse for the humanization of society and its institutions is to abandon them and begin again to build a society with a just, equitable and compassionate economy with justice, equality, and reverence for all life insured by the goals and forms of all its institutions.”

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is a storyteller, philosopher, author, former columnist and poetry editor with the internationally acclaimed journal Akwesasne Notes, an elder and a keeper of the lore of the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts. He has also edited Heritage, a journal of Native American liberation. He continues to develop tools for creating a more humane society based upon teachings of the elders of the First Nations and the explorations of his camps under the designation The Circle Way.

Manitonquat has spoken to peace conferences and groups on 3 continents, was the keynote speaker at the United Nations observance of the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination, directs prison programs for native spirituality, advises a nature school, and, with his wife, the Swedish actress and playwright Ellika Lindén, Circle Way workshops and annual international family camps in 10 European countries and the US. Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is available for interviews.

Have You Lost Your Tribe: The Paradise on Earth Now Under Construction – Welcome Home is available on Amazon.com

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