Denver, Colorado, July 11, 2017 — The Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” Dana E. Kellogg’s new bestseller, Johnnie Learns to Create Happiness is a wonderful story of Johnnie. Johnnie is an exceptional young boy fortunate to have both a gifted mother and father. Under his mother’s guidance Johnnie learns to appreciate his senses and how his ability to focus expands his awareness of the variety and beauty of the world.

In time, he learns to focus on the creation of happiness in his life and he takes responsibility for creating for himself a happy life. Even when tragedy strikes, Johnnie stills finds ways to create happiness in his life every day. He knows that if he creates happiness in his life, it – like a pebble in a pond – will wash over those around him.

In this day and age, Kellogg’s charming book is a breath of fresh air and can uplift anyone who takes the time to read about Johnnie. As an added bonus, the games that Johnnie and his Dad created to increase their daily happiness are included in the book so the readers and their families can join in creating more happiness in themselves, their family, their community... their world. Johnnie wonders, “What the world would be like if every family played these games?”

Johnnie, during his trek to finding happiness, finds Happyland. When his father asks him what Happyland is, Johnnie replied, “It is the world we create in our lives where we are happy all of the time and where we help other people become happy too.” What a different world this would be if everyone could find and live in Happyland!

Dana E. Kellogg has been writing most of his life. He has learned to honor the material that flows through him. Dana loves the creative process and the wonderful way his intuition leads him through a story or into the depth of a poem.

Learning to listen to and trust the flow has been a wonderful learning process. Dana is hopeful that his words will reach the hearts and minds of people who are searching for greater human and spiritual connection in their lives.

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