San Diego, California - Although his work is the most viewed and expensive in the world, little is known about Leonardo Da Vinci’s artistic process, including the steps he took when undertaking an artistic project concerning his method of approaching the painting process.  However, this is about to change forever, as Perspective: The Lost Codex of Leonardo Da Vinci peals back the veil hiding Leonardo’s legacy for 500 years.

The first release of author P.T. Lowe discusses how and why this book had to be written:

“Although new to the world, this information is not new to me or my family.  I’ve been taught the secrets of Leonardo since before I could walk, with the strict instructions that I not reveals these details until the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo’s death.”

Forced to sit on this knowledge P.T. Lowe kept quiet and waited until the specifically instructed date set fourth by Leonardo himself when this book could be released.  That day is May 2nd, 2019.

P.T. Lowe goes further into how this knowledge has been kept secret for so long.

“This concealment was not an accidental occurrence, but the accomplishment of a goal set fourth by Leonardo himself over 500 years ago.  Shortly before his death Leonardo produced a small group of writings with the aim of translating his artistic rebus-based message system into a discernable language.  He entrusted this knowledge to one man, Salai, his trusted assistant.”

So, after such a long period of time we can finally rest in the comfort of understanding Leonardo Da Vinci’s mindset.  Organized and conveyed through a single volume, Perspective: The Lost Codex of Leonardo Da Vinci details the inner workings of Leonardo’s painting technique.

P.T. Lowe explains:

“This technique enabled Leonardo to produce works of art the likes of which the world as never seen sense.  However, any artist can adapt these simple processes and emulate the artistic wonder produced by doing so.  This technique is the process by which a standard painting easel is converted into a three-dimensional painting space where depth perspective is built into the canvas.  This “Da Vinci Easel” is the cornerstone of Leonardo’s heightened creativity and painting prowess.”
P.T. Continues.

“Through the use of the Da Vinci Easel the artist is directly connected with their Inner Artistic Vision enabling even a novice artist to paint exactly the images seen inside the mind of the painter.  Additionally, when the Da Vinci Easel is used to spark creativity, a positive feedback loop is created as the artist paints exactly what is felt, while observing a result congruent with the feelings produced by the artwork.  The Da Vinci Easel removes the disconnection between artist and art and allows the artist to step into the art and participate in the emotional process of its creation.”

“With the aid of the Da Vinci Easel, Leonardo stepped into the wonder of nature and used this advanced painting tool to explore every facet of the world he could find.  Breaking new ground in many endeavors while simultaneously painting the worlds most renowned work, The Mona Lisa.  The identity of which he had to keep a closely guarded secret as to reveal the true nature God would of meant certain death to himself and anyone close to Leonardo.  Which is why Leonardo left strict instructions that this knowledge not be made public until the 500th anniversary of his death.  That day is May 2nd, 2019.”

Perspective is the first and only book to reveal the true nature of Leonardo’s work and its blockbuster success proves Leonardo’s legacy is alive and well.

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P.T. Lowe is a fourth-generation author who was exposed to Leonardo Da Vinci's teachings before he was old enough to speak. A dedicated family man and avid historian, he spent over 30 years studying and waiting for the right time to reveal his knowledge into the inner workings of Leonardo Da Vinci. Now a full-time writer and speaker, he is dedicated to educating artists on the use of the Da Vinci Easel to create masterful art.

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