NEW YORK, NY ( September 26, 2017) - Teaching children how to discover and pursue their passions is set to become a lot easier for parents following  the launch of the exciting children's book series, Cupcake Claire and Dancing with Ayden.

Cupcake Claire is the first in a series of books that follows a girl named Claire along her journey of entrepreneurship. Claire loves cupcakes; however, she did not understand why she could eat more cupcakes if her mom made them at home but was limited to a few cupcakes at the bakery due to the price. This sparks an idea in Claire’s mind. With her mother guiding her and encouraging her along the way Claire soon becomes a huge success at just seven years old.

Dancing with Ayden is also the first in a series of books that follows an aunt, her nephew and their love of dance. Ayden is a dancing machine. Whenever music plays he just has to boogie on down to the beat. No matter where they are or what they are doing music and dance is a part of Ayden and his aunt's everyday experience.
Cupcake Claire and Dancing with Ayden were written by N.L. Skeete. She is an educator, Ph.D. student and staunch advocate for children's literacy. When asked about the motivation for publishing the books, Skeete explained:  "I am an educator and enjoy working with children so writing children's books came naturally. However, it was my mother, also my manager, who encouraged me to publish Dancing with Ayden and Cupcake Claire. Also, my high school English teacher, who was the editor-in-chief of the school paper that I was a writer and photographer for, told me to promise her I will publish my poetry and short stories one day."

Cupcake Claire and Dancing with Ayden was self-published by Skeete's very own publishing company, Skeete Publishing. Already both books are huge hits on Amazon. Dancing with Ayden is ranked in the top 30 in Nursery Rhymes and Cupcake Claire is listed as #1 New Release in the Category of Children's Jobs and Career books.

Cupcake Claire is an excellent resource for teaching kids entrepreneurial skills and Dancing with Ayden encourages children to enjoy the things they love doing no matter what it is. Cupcake Claire and Dancing with Ayden are available in Kindle format for a retail price of $7.99 and $5.99, respectively. The paperback version is available on the author's website at To purchase a copy of the kindle version, visit:

Media Contact:  Caris Skeete, Manager to N.L. Skeete
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (718) 734-6152

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