Anyone just starting out in their own place, looking to maximize what they currently have or are interested in tidying up know that space is an absolute premium. Many people lack the necessary organizational skills and materials necessary to make their dreams of decluttering their apartments or homes a reality.

Enter the Fortress Organizer from Fortress.

The brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Fortress was born out of two things: necessity and innovation.

“Our core value is the exploit existing products and upgrade them with creative features and designs,” said Paul Wu of Fortress, “our organizer came around from the demand for a cheap, fashionable, light portable and eco-friendly interior organizer.”

Fortress recognized the need for stylish designs that would meet the demands of today’s person seeking a way to maximize space while also meeting two very important concepts the pair were not willing to compromise on: inexpensive and something different the market does not offer.

Wu and Chao were looking for a way to help people who are limited in space and budget to use their space. They knew an organizer had to be the key, but they also did not want to have potential customers spending more than necessary for their products. They also knew that today’s spender is looking for something outside of the box in as many different ways as possible, from looks to flexibility in design.

“Displaying our products in the room or closets not only can serve the function of organizing but also can use as decorations to elevate the vibe for living space. On the other hand, for those people who are active and like to move around, our products could also be a perfect fit. Because our product is made out of cardboard, it’s really easy to assemble and dissemble, and they are also super light and easy to move around,” said Bryant Chao.

Fortress Organizers come in five stylish colors with eight total organizers in a set. Each set is packed with Velcro to attach the organizers on one another in a variety of designs to fit even the most discriminating of customers.

“The decision to make them Velcro ready came because so many other organizers are set up to be stacked in a single fashion and will not allow for creativity. We wanted to have our customers appreciate the organizer for the functionality and its artistic flair,” said Wu.

Fortress Organizers are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to organize virtually anything. Many people have found the organizers ideal for storing shoes as the size makes the organizer perfect for this particular application. What’s more, the organizers are great for those who looking to move.

“The fact our organizers can easily collapse down into a smaller size or kept in the full size for moving makes them a perfect solution when moving time comes around. If someone is looking just to do a bit of rearranging in the home or apartment, the Velcro straps make redesigning the look around the living space even more appealing to the eye,” continued Chao.

The Fortress Organizers are ready for sale and will be sold through the company’s Kickstarter page. A crowd funding page designed to help entrepreneurs get their products off the ground and into the greater populace, Kickstarter was a natural fit for the Fortress Organizer team.

“We looked around to several different places to market and sell our products, including several e-commerce giants. We decided on Kickstarter because we could set our own rules and decide how we wanted to conduct our business and campaign,” said Chao.

Additional information, including how to order the Fortress Organizer, view the many stylish colors or see how versatile the organizer can be is available at the Kickstarter page.

Fortress Organizer
Paul Wu and Bryant Chao
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