Almost every UK citizen has some form of secured or unsecured debt these days. Managing their financial responsibilities can become hard when the burden becomes too large. That is why thousands of families struggle to make ends meet and cover their monthly outgoings. That is the case, even if both partners work to pay for their home and children. The Scottish Parliament introduced some new laws recently that could help or hinder those individuals. Specialists from Money Expert have swung into action in an attempt to assist.

The Bankruptcy and Debt Advice Act contains measures to improve money advice and debt management. It also includes rules that affect consumers who need to apply for debt relief. It was first enforced on 1st April 2015, and it’s made some significant alterations to the landscape. People in financial difficulty now have access to more help and guidance than ever before. Creditors also benefit from the Act because it ensures they receive at least 90p for every pound they’re owed. That is the case, even if their client applies for a debt management scheme.

Professionals at Money Expert have helped thousands of people to navigate their debt issues during the last few years. They provide management plans designed to ensure the consumer can avoid bankruptcy. They can also offer impartial advice in almost any situation. That is why the company has gone from strength to strength. Many of their new clients come from word of mouth recommendations. However, the firm has invested more cash in marketing than ever before in an attempt to expand their reach.

Money Expert offers a service that compares deals from all over the country. The team works hard to ensure they save people as much money as possible. Indeed, that is one of the reasons anyone can find positive reviews and testimonials online. Regardless of personal circumstances, they always come up trumps.

Anyone who would like more information should get in touch with the team today. People can give them a call or use the dedicated website form to make contact. The company endeavours to respond to all correspondence in the fastest time possible. They understand that time is often of the essence, and so they won’t delay their clients in finding the best solutions. There is also a wealth of useful information on the Money Expert website that everyone should read. Debt management plans are an excellent tool when finances become too tight to handle.

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