Sometimes parties need a little inspiration. And now The Best Drinking Games has created a website to do just that: provide a database of the top drinking games to help people spice up their parties and entertain their guests. There are dozens of games to try, all of which are designed to help guests have fun and break the ice.

The Best Drinking Games says that it can sometimes be difficult to get parties started and everybody involved. But, it says, with the help of its drinking games, it needn’t be impossible. The site categorises drinking games by type. Some games, the site says, can be played even if hosts have limited resources and others can be played without cards and with a limited number of people.

The Best Drinking Games’ category “for two people” includes games like “never have I ever,” Russian roulette-style drinking game, SnapShot, Two Truths - One Lie and many others. For larger parties, the site also provides information on verbal drinking games, luck-based drinking games, and drinking games with and without cards. The verbal drinking games available on the site include the Fuzzy Duck drinking game where players attempt to prove their sobriety by saying either “fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz” one after another until somebody says “does he?” - at which point the game changes direction. Those who become confused, pause or say the wrong thing must take a drink.

The Best Drinking Games also allows visitors to read about drinking games that have unpredictable elements or rely more on luck rather than a person’s ability to prove that they are sober. The site provides detailed instruction on how to play the game of Sixes, where players roll a dice and then have to add the contents of the corresponding cup to a main, central drink until somebody rolls a number that has already been rolled and must drink the entire concoction. Other luck-based games on the site include Sex Master, “Flip, Sip or Strip!”, “Strip Tease," and the King’s drinking game, a game well-suited to large groups.

One of the primary goals of the site is to provide people with drinking games, even when they have limited resources. As a result, The Best Drinking Games has an entire section dedicated to drinking games without cards or drinking when there are only a few people at the party. Drinking games that don’t involve cards include the Thumper drinking game, flip cut, buzz, freeze or drink as well as many others.

In total there are more than two dozen games on the site. Each game is explained in detail, allowing visitors to read up on how to play a particular game (before becoming intoxicated). The site also provides users with a helpful search bar to find specific drinking games and read more about how to play them.

The Best Drinking Games website promotes responsible drinking. Those interested in finding out more about drinking games, with and without cards, should visit to learn more.

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