San Diego, CA - Debut author Lilly Smartelli has taken the concept of ‘bucket list’ to a whole new level in her inaugural book, THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING. Inspired by a true story, Smartelli’s e-book offers readers, especially dog loving readers, the chance at true unconditional love filled with “teary eyes, goosebumps, and some emotional gasps of lovely disbelief.”

THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING is a charming tale brimming with optimism, hope and laughter. Anybody who loves dogs, weddings and anything Italian will find something to embrace in this semi-fictional tale. True to form, this author not only entertains but also showcases the power of organ donation, shelter dog adoption and coming together as a global community. Surprise twists at every wedding venue will honor all those involved in her passions.

Lilly Smartelli, a rare Italian spinster and living kidney donor, was determined to fulfill her bucket list wish after an unexpected lung diagnosis. She was happily living on a yacht with her two small shelter dogs and suddenly fell ill.

Smartelli’s desire to always want a big Italian wedding becomes a reality in this most imaginative love story of a woman and her dogs, who has a zest for life and compassion for the world. But first she must forge through her dreams with a variety of quirky wedding receptions which vividly come to life in this delightful novella. From Broadway flash mobs and yacht clubs to daytime talk shows and even a quick trip to Las Vegas, the reader will feel like an invited guest at this wedding cornucopia. But, who will be the elusive groom?

THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING e-book is available on Amazon today for $5, naturally. The author, who partnered with DONATE LIFE AMERICA, will donate a portion of of the book’s proceeds to their organization ( and also to various dog shelters around the USA.

"Donate Life America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to increase the number of donated organs, eyes and tissues available to save and heal lives while developing a culture where donation is embraced as a fundamental human responsibility."

Author, Lilly Smartelli, hopes her book helps to eliminate the waiting list for organ recipients in 2019. With your purchase of THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING, you will become a part of a worldwide virtual family celebrating, hopes, dreams, goals.

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s bff, friend and curvy spokesmodel said, “Smartelli loves dogs so much and never misses an opportunity to talk about donating her kidney. Her voice and her humor are strong in this sweet book.”

To order THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING, or for more information, visit Amazon or Instagram.

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