Bondi Beach, Sydney — SapphireOne Pty Ltd (SapphireOne) an Australian ERP Accounting Software vendor, has recently upgraded their company’s software suite named SapphireOne to include 3 new features; PDF capture, Periodic invoicing and MRP system. These 3 new features increase the efficiency in invoice processing and provides better control over inventory management by streamlining daily accounting tasks.

The functionalities of these new features are:

1. PDF Capture eliminates manual vendor invoice processing and improves data accuracy.
2. Periodic Invoicing consolidates recurring invoices into a single bill and reduces administration tasks.
3. MRP System satisfy customers requirements while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

SapphireOne’s PDF capture takes scanning of vendor invoices to a whole new level by automatically extracting data with character recognition technology. It delivers a top of the range vendor invoice capturing system for transforming PDF file into actionable information. This information effectively delivers into all core business application, process and workflows such as accounts payable, inventory management and document management. SapphireOne’s PDF capture solution has the capability to eliminate daily accounting challenges by speeding up and providing a more accurate data entry process. This new feature of SapphireOne helps to reduce the cost of vendor invoice processing, lessens the administrative task and insures faster return on investment.

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It is quite cumbersome to generate recurring invoices on a daily basis for the same clients or vendors. Additionally, dealing with these kind of invoices is usually time consuming, resource intensive and can sometimes incur financial losses to the business when accountants forget to post certain invoices on time. With SapphireOne’s Periodic Invoice functionality, recurring invoices for same clients or vendors can be consolidated into a single periodic invoice in the frequency of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or custom date format. This allows greater flexibly in accounts receivable or payable task as it increases the accuracy, efficiency and speed of the invoice management and payment procedure.

"Accountants & financial controllers all have their personal preferences. However, SapphireOne is a RocketShip because of its excellent reporting." Alison Phillips, Accounts/Operations Manager Office Manager at Moyle Bendale Timber, South Australia.

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Material Resource Planning (MRP) is the subset of ERP system which focuses on getting the right materials to the right place at the right time. It is a forecasting system that satisfies clients requirements and maintains an optimal inventory level. To fulfil the request of SapphireOne’s client’s request who manage warehouses, MRP functionally is now included in SapphireOne software suite from version and future updates. This inventory forecasting system enables to take advantage of any quantity price breaks by paying for materials as needed when fulfilling future orders.

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About SapphireOne

SapphireOne is an Australian software company providing a complete solution that integrates all aspects of business enterprise which enhances speed and performance. The SapphireOne architecture encompasses a comprehensive range of business wide processes and integrates them into a single unified database. SapphireOne has the ability to run multiple companies across multiple foreign exchange (FX) types within the one data file. It is customisable and able to grow, which makes managing every aspect of business a breeze. For over 30 years, thousands of business have trusted SapphireOne for their CRM, ERP and Accounting software needs.

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