For the past few years, Chuangxinjia actively explores in various products industry, unceasing expanding in enterprise development and sales team development, respond the stronger strategy to China. the industry concentration degree requirements gradually closer to leading enterprise. the product of RFID industry has huge development potential, and It becomes determined to the developed industry of the company.

May and June are very important two months for Chuangxinjia RFID Co; Ltd. In order to the company better development in the future, also a good life for the employee in the future, the chairman Mr.Wu of Chuangxinjia company made a very significant decision, All the trade products Chuangxinjia explored before has been closed. The whole salesman must be very concentration on RFID products (Chuangxinjia factory product: RFID products, NFC tags , RFID blocking products etc), all employees see the hope of the future in this good decision, the passion of future life path planning is coming again, the enthusiasm of whole office area also filled up again.

From the office updating, sales integration, to Research and Development Department, Project Department, HR Department, Administration Department and Customer Service Office etc those new departments establish, everything is going very fast, and smoothly.

RFID product have been widely applied to all walks of life, and China is walking in the front of RFID industry in the world, Chuangxinjia as an industry and trade integration enterprise of RFID NFC tags products, also always trying to up and development in this industry over the years, complete market, as the same time incessant improve the productivity of factories, try the best to produce the best effect product for customers; but a company wants to be strong in the RFID industry not only produce the nice product, must to be combine the research and development, project solution then can get customer’s more like and trust, so what is the most important thing of Chuangxinjia is establish own project department and research and development department, to provide more good and professional service for customers and big projects.

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