(Mass Media Release) In today‘s increasingly complex world, many people find that they suffer from a lack of self-esteem which in turn holds them back from taking advantage of the best that this world has to offer. This lack of self esteem often results in personal, social and financial disappointments that in turn drive them further into a feeling of failure, or compel them to visit expensive and often ineffective psychologists and lifestyle coaches. Based on her own experiences with low self esteem, expert Ann Mir, who bases her program on the 100 year old classic “Mastery of Self” by Dr. Frank Channing Haddock, has introduced and successfully launched a comprehensive self-help course designed to boost self-esteem.

The author, who draws on personal and professional experience as well as acquired knowledge from acclaimed sources, includes the following in her mini-course, which is called “The Master Key System”:

  • 12 long lost classic self help texts aimed at boosting self esteem through time tested wisdom and techniques.
  • 12 audio books aimed at reinforcing the techniques detailed in the texts.
  • 8 self confidence boosting videos that can be viewed over and over again in order to reshape thought patterns toward more positivity and higher self esteem.
  • A bonus Personality Questionnaires E-book and an additional bonus Self Development Workbook.
  • An extra Audio Book including hypnosis techniques for further improving self-esteem.

Ann Mir has used these books and techniques herself in her own journey toward higher self-esteem and she has found that she and others who have used them are able to:

  • Banish feelings of unworthiness
  • Improve their personal performance and relationships
  • Become successful in whatever path they choose.

The reasonably priced full system package, which is available online via http://www.haanelmasterkeysystem.com/ begins with a free introductory video and includes additional bonuses aimed at improving prosperity. Ann Mir offers her courses with a thirty day no risk guarantee.

Ann Mir
[email protected]


Website: http://www.haanelmasterkeysystem.com

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