New Paradigm Sweets has announced the launch of the World’s First Healthy Sweetener to offer the best alternative for the contemporary sweeteners available in the market. The goal of this inspiring project is to provide and disseminate health information pertaining to the current sweeteners on the market as well a healthy alternative with Health Benefits while helping people to live a happier and healthier lifestyle based on well Informed Choices.

The company is now seeking community support on Indiegogo for this inspiring project and for every $10 donated to this crowdfunding campaign, supporters will get one ounce of this amazing sweetener as a reward. This Revolutionary Sweetener consists of Stevia blended with two Amino Acids to provide a sweetener with a more well-rounded and complex taste. It also cuts down on the aftertaste of the Stevia because a lot of people do not like that taste.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it has been regarded as one of the healthiest and most remarkable campaigns on the crowdfunding platform. Supporters can pledge this healthy revolution with as little as $10 to make their generous contribution.

About New Paradigm Sweets

New Paradigm Sweets is an inspiring project aimed at reshaping the way people make their tastes today. With all the diseases including diabetes caused by the modern day sweeteners, the company aimed to create a sweetener that can actually be healthy and they have come up with this amazing formula of Sweet Treat 17. This sweetener is now available as a reward to the donations made on Indiegogo and more details are available online.

Contact Person:  Steven White
Company: New Paradigm Sweets
Address: 170 North Sierra Street #135  Reno,Nv. 89501
Phone: 303 868 3128
Email: [email protected]

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