Boise, Idaho - Pellet Griller is one of the new social grilling websites that has been creating quite a stir. This website mainly caters to users who have started using wooden pellets for cooking delicious meals. Top names like Traeger Grill, green mountain grills, REC TEC grills have been offering wood pellets as a cooking means.

All the pellet grillers fans can make the most out of this website because it also has a good forum too. The community mainly focuses on sharing the best of recipes and tips which are used by the members and they can also interact with each other.

The CEO and the owner of the website, Josh Borgman was quoted as saying, “It's special when you get to share your recipe with the world and have other try it, rate it, craft it and possibly refine it to make it the best it can be. We are all in this to make better BBQ. That's why I am extremely excited about our new website and the social communities that will are building around pellet grilling."

He further added, “We are different in that we are a recipe first socially driven website. Users can add profiles, earn badges, like recipes, share recipes, back link to their blogs and be seen in the BBQ pellet grilling world."

No doubt, Pellet Griller has a lot of hopes for possible expansion in the future. They want people to cook food on their grills and get better at it. Of course, they have come a long way ever since and the kind of growth they have seen in recent times is whopping. They are likely to add more features and develop their website further so that they can become the go-to source for anyone who wants to cook the best of meals using wood pellets.

About Pellet Griller

Recently launched social grilling website, it mainly caters to all those who love to use wooden pellets and are on the lookout to eat or share their delicious recipes. The website is being further developed to offer the best of services and features.

Contact Person: Joshua Borgman
Contact Number: 208-921-3630
Email-id: [email protected]

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