The customer is what drives the business. There is no doubt about that. Today’s world of online shopping and conducting business is much different than it was even 20 years ago. Many people will not shop or do business until reading any reviews posted online.

These reviews are vital for more than just making adjustments in customer service. Reviews help drive sales, determine data and help reach customers who may not have ever considered doing business with a service provider or bought goods. After all, keeping customers is much easier than finding and retaining new ones.

This is where Oggvo is vital to business success.

Oggvo is a customer review management system that works by reminding customers to leave reviews of a business. Unlike many sites and review opportunities that are overly forceful and at times annoy customers in to a review, Oggvo’s process is more subtle. This makes customers feel better about leaving a review without feeling pressured.

“Customers who are pushed into leaving a review will often respond negatively about the experience with the business. This is why Oggvo is different. There is no massive push. A gentle and relaxed reminder of leaving a review is all. This helps the customer see a review in a more positive light. The reviews are likely to be more honest and can help drive further sales as a consequence,” said Samuel Brown, one of the owners of Oggvo.

Businesses with negative reviews from customers are offered an opportunity make amends and rectify any problems rather than having to respond to a previously posted review on sites such as Yelp. Businesses can make necessary adjustments to prevent such from happening again with other customers.

Customers are provided opportunity to review their experience via text, email and print. As many who leave reviews today are done online and often on mobile, the Oggvo system works seamlessly with those who prefer to send text messages rather than post on a website.

“People would rather tap a few times on the screen and send a review than take the time to post one. Most are annoyed at the idea of creating an account, waiting for confirmation and then posting a review. It is much easier to respond to a quick text and be done with it,” continued Brown.

Oggvo offers a free demonstration screening on request. Learn more about Oggvo, the automated system and how Oggvo can help business’ bottom line at the website. Visit Oggvo.

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