29, July 2017: A new t-shirt brand in the UK is bringing all the iconic heroes and villains into fashion at a price that everyone can afford. Luc Bauer has started to produce and supply a broad selection of t-shirts with designs based on Marvel characters, DC characters and many more. The brand hopes to give their customers in the UK a chance to show off their style with clothing that will fit into any budget.

Luc Bauer is one of the fastest growing independent t-shirt retailers in the UK. Their main aim has always been to keep iconic styles affordable for all and avoid the uptick in prices that is often part of products with images from pop culture. Luc Bauer believe that t-shirts are a part of fashion that can bring people together because the style is completely universal. They aim to ensure that their t-shirts are cool, comfortable, stylish and completely durable. The brand is eager to allow their customers to have the widest collection of t-shirts in their wardrobe possible.

Whether customers want a T-shirt with the now iconic shield of Captain America or the unforgettable vintage yellow Batman logo, they will find both here. The style of the t-shirts expands beyond the image with the color of the background matching the logo. The t-shirt sold with the Captain America shield is a royal blue to match the shade of Cap’s uniform. The Batman tee, on the other hand, is black, and customers would expect nothing less for the dark knight.

For customers who have a soft spot for the villains, the collection that Luc Bauer offers will not disappoint. They can pick up a tee plastered with the Joker’s wicked smirk or the Punisher’s chilling logo.

To keep things affordable for all, Luc Bauer is selling their collection of shirts at just £9 for each tee with free shipping for all UK customers. The prices found here are chosen to match any other retailer selling tees online or in store. Luc Bauer built their company based on the idea that everyone should be able to afford to show off their unique style and character based on the t-shirt they choose to wear and the price tags of these tees reflect that perfectly.

Luc Bauer believes that the t-shirt someone chooses to wear is an expression of who they are. That is why they aim to offer a massive selection of possibilities for their customers. They will find t-shirts with the symbols of their favorite heroes, prints of classic comic books, characters of fiction, band symbols and so much more. When Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in cinemas, Luc Bauer will be ready to supply t-shirts for both Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. Or, if there are customers still obsessed with baby Groot they will love the new tee with him front and center.

Anyone interested in viewing Luc Bauer’s T-shirt collection can check out their website. Or, the company can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: N. Vaid
Company: Luc Bauer
Address: 56 High St,
City, State, Country: Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DE UK
Phone: 0845 5280366
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://lucbauer.com

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