Moving into a big city can seem daunting. Newcomers to Dallas now have an online destination dedicated to helping them get to know their new home.

The Dallas New in Town website is all about Dallas. It features information on events, city guides to point people in the right direction and news and updates relevant to Dallas residents.

Creators of Dallas New in Town launched the website with the understanding of how difficult it can be to move to a new city, especially to a metropolitan area of about 7 million people. It’s especially difficult if newcomers do not have friends or family who live in Dallas.

The website features a calendar of events of cultural and nightlife opportunities, anything from microchip-assisted mini-golf to trivia nights in area bars. Visitors to Dallas New in Town can join social groups and meet like-minded people and attend Meetup events hosted in popular nightlife locations. There is also a Facebook community that residents can join.

The website points people to where the locals meet to socialize. It’s the insiders’ view rather than a site dedicated to drawing people to tourist traps.

City guides cover topics like where to shop, how to find an apartment and how to find available job opportunities. There is a guide dedicated to people who just arrived that educates them about their new home.

The news section includes features like dog-friendly restaurants and bars and tips like how to make long-lasting friendships in Dallas and how to network professionally at area events.

“It’s a great way to get out and meet people and explore Dallas,” posted Careen, one of the website’s visitors.

That’s the aim of Dallas New in Town, to help new residents breeze through the awkward moving in phase and quickly become acclimated to their new home.

“Dallas New in Town has been an amazing free resource to those who are new in town,” said website owner Doug Bryson.

“Launching our new website brings to the table added value that includes city guides, the latest news and a dedicated Facebook community for the DNIT member. We are very grateful for this launch and excited to see what’s to come.”

Dallas New in Town is located at 2919 Commerce St., Suite #589. For more information, visit its website at or call 214-614-6614.

Doug Bryson
Company: Dallas New in Town
Address: 2919 Commerce St., Suite #589, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 214.614.6614

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