There are scores of extremely bright and talented students in Ukraine. Sadly, most of them face a bleak future. They aren’t just financially underprivileged. They are opportunity deprived. Their talents will not be fully realized. They face danger to their personal safety daily due to political unrest and corruption. Some live in deplorable conditions with no hope of escape.

These students deserve better. VoTo Tech Group (VTG), a pending nonprofit California corporation reminds all of us, that together, we can unite to make a difference. VTG is using a gofundme platform to raise funds.

VTG implores community leaders to assist in bringing technical talent from Ukraine to the United States where the objective is to have them sponsored by a U.S. based company. It plans to reach out to companies such as Google, Microsoft, and other technology driven businesses who are in a position to sponsor a visa.


Seniors in universities who are technologically advanced will be encouraged to apply for the VTG program. The chosen candidates will be invited to join a hackathon in the United States where they will compete with the top performers. The winner(s) will be invited to return to the U.S. for an interview by a U.S. company. If the interview is successful, the student will be hired by the U.S. company who will sponsor his/her visa.

VTG is currently working with Belka, a student group at a renowned university, which is a hub for cutting edge technology. VTG is closely collaborating to bring the brightest of the brightest.

VTG plans to interview successful students from Ukraine in the United States to provide encouragement to the chosen students. VTG will also seek mentors for the chosen students to ensure success in the United States.

VTG was co-founded by an immigrant from Ukraine, Andrey Chabanov, who knows first-hand the hardships that exist in Ukraine. He believes that it’s his calling to help these students.

Andrey Chabanov
[email protected]

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