Bangalore, 16th May, 2017: MiStay, a travel-tech company which allows booking hotel rooms by pack of hours with flexible check-in & check-out times, has launched its Android app.

Available now on Google Play Store, MiStay’s hotel booking app lets users’ book hotel rooms only for the hours they need. A complete day has been divided into 3 slots based on different use cases - Morning (8 am — 11 am), Day (12 noon — 7 pm) and Night (8 pm — 7 am). Users can select one or a combination of multiple slots based on their need.

MiStay was launched in April last year, though the booking was early restricted only though the website. “We have been experiencing a constant increase in mobile traffic in the last two months. Mobile constitutes around 60% of our website traffic and 80% of them are android devices. The launch of the android app is an initial move to our increased focus on mobile”, said Pranav Prabhakar, the co-founder and CTO of MiStay.

Travellers who reach a city early morning and want to freshen up before a meeting or attending an interview can book the morning slot at MiStay’s partner hotel and save up to 60%. Travellers who have a long layover before a connecting flight/ train can book day use hotels near the airport and refresh before the onward journey.

MiStay is currently operational in 8 metro cities in India — Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. In these cities, MiStay has partnered with around 120 hotels including 5 star hotels as well as branded hotel chains such as Pride Hotels, Sarovar Hotel, Keys Hotel, Kenilworth Hotel & Mango Hotel.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store and supports devices running Android 4.0 Kitkat and above. “We aim at delivering a seamless booking experience to our users. There is no sign-up or registration process required. Users can book a hotel in 3 simple steps”, said Pranav.

Please visit for more information about MiStay. To download the app, visit:

For further information, please contact:

Pranav Prabhakar
Email: [email protected]

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