(Mass Media Release) TESSIN, SWITZERLAND, August 16, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — Noxel is introducing radical and revolutionary new Digital Signage Solution that sets this industry free from the limitations and hassle of personal computers (PCs)

Noxel opened a new chapter in this sector of information technology which allows businesses to communicate in 3-D

Turn waiting and working time into enjoyable and entertaining process with Noxel’s next generation Digital Signage, the Xtream Series.

Farbod Sadeghian, Noxel’s Group CEO, says: “For marketers and those in the advertising business the Noxel Xtream Series is an unbelievably effective tool that is easy to use and produces optimum results.”

Noxel’s next generation of digital signage allows a company’s messages to be delivered in the environment of their choosing thus hitting precisely the target market and just when that audience is at its most receptive. With Noxel’s new Xtream Series technology managing Digital Signage just got a whole lot simpler, more adaptable, more reliable and more environmentally friendly. The Xtream Series requires much less maintenance and it uses a fraction of the power that conventional digital signage systems use.

Up-to-the-minute NOXEL DIGITAL SIGNAGE gives so much more than traditional marketing ever could because it provides:

- Flexibility – Instead of a single stationary image, multiple images and digital graphics are used to capture the awareness of consumers.
- Agility – Modify content on the fly from any Internet accessible location.
- Total Dynamic Integration – Reduces the resources required to control and maintain the network.
- Centralized Controls – A customized content management interface through which end-users can manage their content from one location; from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
- Minimal Staffing Costs – Reduce overall operating costs while increasing productivity.
- Cutting Edge Adaptability – a green solution who is the first and only solution for 3D contents in Digital Signage industry to create and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate audiences.
- Enhanced Consumer Enjoyment – Reduce perceived wait times and provide valuable information on products and services.

Farbod Sadeghian says: “all the companies, no matter small, medium or large, are guaranteed ease of use with the NXDS600 with any browser or operating system to manage their content because of Noxel’s innovative user interface, NXCM. All administrative tasks are carried out by means of NXCM, our web based application. Access to all user groups, content management and content distribution with user-managed rights and all data is secured and monitored on the central server.”.”

The NXDS600

The NXDS Series replaces all the PCs used for the digital signage industry, NXDS600 is a fully stand alone and plug & play unit.


Superbly well-suited to a full range of multimedia, the Noxel NXDS600 is compatible with:

Video media such as:
MPEG2 – MPEG4 – H.264 – WMV9 (optional)
Audio formats:
MPEG-1 Level I/III (MP3) – WMA (optional)
Image files:
Media formats:
AVI – VOB – MOV – MPG – MP4 – TS – WMV/WMA (optional)
Streaming protocols:

- Both horizontal and vertical image displays
- Fanless
- High-definition with pixel perfect quality
- High memory capacity for future functional upgrade
- Pull mode, push mode and synchronization, allowing greater independence and flexibility in content creation and modification
- Fully comprehensive scheduling
- Internal storage, SDHC Card, USB Drive
- IR Blaster and RS232 interface for monitor control and status retrieval
- IP Streaming in HD Quality
- SPDIF Optical Output
- Up Scaling Commercial grade SD video up scaling to
enhance advertising video resolution
- Digital and analog audio
- Very Low power consumption – less than 5W
- Suitable for tough environments
- Highly cost effective
- Maintenance free

For more information visit www.noxelxtream.com

Website: http://www.noxelxtream.com

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