On February 27, 2018, Canadian visionary Don Fedoruk sets to launch a superior way to sleep in the modern era.

Medicine Hat, Alberta — Restful sleep is needed now more than ever. For over a century, the design of beds has been focused on material make-up, adjustability, usability, and comfort. However, the one thing that hasn’t really changed in the sleep industry is that beds remain a stationary, unmoving object. That is until the introduction of the latest in sleep technology — the Sway Bed!

Set to launch February 27, 2018, the Sway Bed guarantees to revolutionize the way the average person sleeps forever. This new bed design combines the gentle swaying motion of a hammock with the sturdy reliability and back support people depend on in their existing mattress. It does this by utilizing a high-strength steel frame to suspend your current box springs and mattress safely a few inches above the floor. This elevation then allows for a natural & soothing swaying motion that is perfectly silent during your night’s sleep.

But how does a rocking bed end up being a cut above other beds out there? It actually makes more sense than you may think.

According to a study conducted by the University of Geneva in Switzerland, humans are innately conditioned to sleep better when rocked or swayed. This stems from how newborns or young children are often rocked to sleep in their mother’s arms. The behavior sticks with us long after childhood and can actually make a huge difference in the way we sleep!

“The results of this study are startling simple. A gentle swaying motion allows for a faster, deeper, and more enjoyable sleep. It’s amazing how quality of sleep can be significantly improved! That’s what inspired me to bring research into reality using the Sway Bed.” — Don Fedoruk, Creator and CEO of Sway Beds International Inc.

The study indicates that 75% of test subjects felt more rested after a rocking nap than a stationary one. And according to measurements used by an EEG—a device used for measuring brain activity, 100% of the participants fell asleep faster and moved more quickly into the second stage of their sleep cycle using the rocking bed than a stationary one. While rocking, subjects demonstrated much greater brain-wave activity that’s associated with deeper, sustained and more restful sleep.

And what’s more fascinating is that these subjects were already good sleepers. They had no previous history of anxiety or sleep disorders. The test was organized to observe whether quality of sleep could possibly improve for an average person using a different bed model—and it did! Feel free to read more about the study at the Huffington Post.

“Right now, I am sleeping on a Sway Bed. And you, actually every one of you, are sleeping on what is now just called ‘a bed.’ Five years from now, I will still be sleeping on a Sway Bed. Will you still be caught sleeping on a ‘dead’ bed then?” — Don Fedoruk

Poor or inadequate sleep affects people all over the world in all stages of life. When left alone, this can lead to sleep deprivation. Even in small instances of sleep deprivation, people can suffer a number of symptoms that affect their day-to-day quality of life at work or home. It can cause irritability, impaired moral judgements, yawning, aches and pains, and poor reaction times. If this goes on for a prolong period of time, it can lead to cases of cognitive impairments, a weak immune system, hallucinations, memory lapses, and increased risk for heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Sway Bed offers a simple & convenient solution to end bad sleep once and for all. The design allows for consumers to keep their standard box spring and mattress while getting more work out of them. The frame takes little space and remains secure & silent all throughout the night.

In general, the Sway Bed promises to provide better and deeper sleep for all that want it. It’s on its way to breaching the stationary bed market on February 27, 2018. Learn more about the Sway Bed at www.swaybeds.com and watch a short promo video. And if you’re ready to get better quality of sleep out of your mattress, preorder your Sway Bed today!

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