Introducing six new scents to the fragrance line

TOTOWA, N.J., (July 21, 2017)— The Ocean Pacific brand has been celebrating the beach lifestyle since 1972. The OP Fragrance line, however, has been updated and launched within the past year. The new website features men’s and women’s scents in a variety of products at affordable prices.

The OP Fragrance collection follows the same beach aesthetic of the base Ocean Pacific brand. The new line features three women’s scents and three men’s scents. The scents for her are offered as a fragrance, a body mist, a shower gel and a body shimmer lotion. The scents for him are offered as a cologne, a body spray, a body wash and a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

Simply Sun, Beach Paradise, and Summer Breeze are the women’s scents that tantalize the senses and bring back memories of warm, refreshing, and invigorating days on the beach. Simply Sun is a fun, sunny, and bright scent focusing on a mix of peach and citrus with mid notes of rose and jasmine and base notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar. Beach Paradise starts with top notes of melon, pear, apple and raspberry blending seamlessly into the lower notes of mint leaves, almond, and sugared vanilla. Summer Breeze lets the sweetness of citrus fruit mingle with the soft beauty of florals and ending with deep notes of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Black for Him, Blue for Him and Gold for Him, the men’s scents, are clean, warm and musky. Black for Him creates a captivating blend of green citrus, rosemary, and sandalwood. Blue for Him opens with a blast of citrus, transforming into green spices and leaving lasting notes of patchouli.

Lastly, Gold for Him is warm and enticing with the mixture grapefruit, vanilla, and lemongrass.
The OP Fragrance products mentioned above are all listed at affordable prices ranging from $12.50 to $44.99 and are available for purchase on the newly launched website. To shop the collections, visit the site here

About Ocean Pacific
Op was the first company to successfully translate the surfing lifestyle into a comprehensive fashion idea by focusing on the West Coast youth scene—fusing sports, music, art, and fashion with beach culture. Op has been a dominant lifestyle brand for over four decades and continues to enjoy high consumer awareness and brand recognition

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