Tourists visiting Japan this March did not just have the romantic cherry blossoms of Japan to entice them. They also had the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest vape exhibition in the world - The Japan International VAPE Exhibition. The exhibition which was held at the Osaka International Exhibition Center attracted so many exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions around the world including Japan, China, Europe and the United States.

For the Organizers of the Japan International VAPE Exhibition, the main aim is to provide a professional ground for vape exhibitors and buyers to meet, negotiate, sell, and expand the VAPE market. Unlike the previous e-cigarette show, the Japan International Vape Exhibition only allowed sales and use of zero-nicotine products to be displayed! Therefore, AOKEY IX, the world's first global OLED low-temperature non-combustion electronic cigarette was invited to participate. And it instantly became the new focus of the exhibition, the new sensation in the vape market.

AOKEY IX shone like a million stars at the show with its compact body and fashionable appearance. ABS + PC material, the surface of the use of baked rubber paint processing, exquisite workmanship, a more comfortable grip, so watch the vapors put it down.

The characteristics of AOKEY IX's innovative introduction of OLED screens were even more praised by the audience. OLED display, intuitive display interface, timely monitoring vape status. Long press the key for more than 3 seconds, the screen alternates with H (high-temperature output) / L (low-temperature output), release the button, select the gear. It is such a technology that combines technology and performance perfectly, making AOKEY one of the products sought after by buyers.

As Japan's first-ever VAPE exhibition, Japan's international VAPE exhibition has not only received the support of exhibitors, consumers, and media platforms at home and abroad but also has the official support of the Japanese government. It has also gone ahead to obtain the approval of the Japanese Fire Agency and has opened up a large-scale public. The precedent of smoking VAPE in the venue!

At the International Electronic Cigarette Show in Japan, the “high-standard, professional, and authoritative” standard has enabled Japanese e-cigarette products to go global and allow the world to understand the Japanese e-cigarette market. The AOKEY IX has become a leader in the Japanese electronic cigarette market by virtue of its innovation, fashion, and performance, which has attracted the world’s vapor.

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