The pandemic has people spending more time outdoors because of the necessity of social distancing. As the weather turns cooler and more pleasant, the fall is the ideal time to spend outdoors, enjoying friends and fellowship.

"Consumer attention is shifting to improve outdoor spaces to create more comfortable and appealing designs in balconies, gardens and porches, boosting market expansion. Consumers are willing to spend their disposable income, particularly on the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture products to improve aesthetics, expanding the product variety," according to Global Market Insights.

Outdoor lighting has always been en vogue with those who enjoy sitting outside in the evenings. A new company is taking that concept of outdoor lighting up to the 21st century.

Quasar Outdoor is a new concept in outdoor lighting. Quasar is changing the way people enjoy lighting by adding two components that many find ideal for time outside – wireless capabilty and charging stations.

The Quasar Outdoor lighting system will have an app for both Android and iOS. Users will be able to adjust the color, mood and brightness of the Quasar from their phone, adjusting the long lasting LEDs to match the flow of the evening. Those enjoying the Quasar will also be able to charge their phones wirelessly, removing the need for chargers and battery packs.

The Quasar comes in two models, the Hila and Hollie, as well as a variety of colors to match a variety of outdoor living spaces. Each model comes with a RGBW light strip, 110 volt outlet, two USB chargers and a 20 w wireless charger.

The team behind the Quasar have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Participants in the campaign will have excellent opportunities for the Quasar as well as other benefits associated with participating in the program.

Learn more about the Quasar, the Hila and Hollie models and how to help the crowdfunding campaign at the website. Go to for details.

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