Pagesatu is a cheap SEO service provider in the SEO marketplace offering a number of services for all types of business purpose. Currently the company is comprised of more than forty expert SEO and Link Buildup. They have successfully helped more than 1250 sites to be featured on the first page of Google.

Pagesatu offers high quality Backlinks, press release, articles, EDU blog post, audio sharing, artist portfolio, custom video creation, smart and powerful links indexing system and many more features.They are widely recognized inside the industry for their technical abilities in search engine optimization.

The service packages include- Bronze package with maximum 1 URL and 2 keywords, up to 30 PBN backlinks and 500 Diversity backlinks; Silver package with maximum 2 URLs and 3 keywords, up to 60 PBN backlinks and 1000 Diversity backlinks; Gold package with maximum 2 URLs and 4 keywords, up to 110 PBN backlinks and 1800 Diversity backlinks; Platinum package with maximum 3 URLs and 6 keywords, up to PBN backlinks and 3000 Diversity backlinks. Pagesatu is a corporation with experience e in digital marketing services. They examine every aspect of the online presence regardless of the size and scope of customer’s enterprise. They create unique and custom designed SEO solutions for every customer. It is a SEO specialist that is lively, passionate and assuring exact services to cater the needs of every individual. The company has been devising techniques for every audience and enterprise increasing visibility online visibility, targeting traffic to the sites.


Pagesatu is a cheap SEO service provider offering multiple packages to help define SEO strategies.

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