Panama is a paradise on Earth and now, everyone has a chance to make that paradise more beautiful by building natural ecological cabins in an island. The creators are now seeking generous community support for this project and their aim is to build eco cabins on a paradise island in Panama. For those who back this project with a cost of one night’s stay will get a chance to stay there for three nights when the project is completed. There will be 12 exclusive cabins and they will give their tenants the ultimate lodging experience.

“We want to invite you to share and make a dream come true: the first complex featuring 12 exclusive bioclimatic cabins, all facing the sea, on an exotic island in Panama.” Said Daniel May, the Architect and Co-Founder of the project while introducing the project in its Indiegogo Campaign video. Care and respect for Mother Nature along with social responsibility, integration and interaction with the Islanders community are the main objectives of this project.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and backers can make a pledge for $450 that will reward them with three free night’s stay at these lodges.

About Eco Lodges

Eco Lodges are 12 exclusive bioclimatic cabins that will face the sea in an amazing and exotic island in Panama. The project is to build these cabins and letting people stay there as a VIP lodging experience. The project is now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and the creators are welcoming everyone to back this project. Moreover, backers can find out more about this project on its Indiegogo Campaign page.

Contact Person: Gustavo Amuchastegui
Address: Edif Serenity at the Bay Piso 34 Dpto A, Panama, Panama - PA
Phone: +50769603974
Email: [email protected]

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