Parks and Braxton PA is a DUI legal professional firm providing DUI lawyers if one has been arrested for riding beneath the impact, and the driving privileges are at stake, and the client can be going through critical consequences. That is why it is vital which one need after getting arrested. Parks & Braxton, PA, make it their task to shield the rights of the accused, and are prepared to take instant action as quickly as the clients are seeking their help. They are respected for the hard-hitting, customized protection we provide, and we recognize what strategies to put into effect to make certain your rights are blanketed.

Attorney, Mr. Andrew Parks had been a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office. He was invited often on various seminars to speak including “An Approach to Defending a Drunk Driving Case”, “Dismantling the State’s DUI Case”, and “The Art of Winning a DUI Case With Motion Practice”. Mr. Braxton on the other hand has been featured as a renowned lecturer at several DUI seminars and has trained many attorneys throughout Florida.

The crew of the firm is widely recognized in Orlando and has earned a tremendous prestigious position from past clients and additionally among their friends inside the legal career. As soon as a client seeks for a session, they are able to make an effort to make sure of what to expect throughout the method of preventing the charges. The firm affirms that a client is legally presumed harmless until proven responsible past a reasonable doubt.

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Company: Parks and Braxton PA
Phone no: (407) 477-5000
Address: Orlando, FL

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