PartsAvatar, the premier company in car parts provider in Canada serving both DIY customers and professional installers, today announced that the company is the new established player in aftermarket parts industry in Canada.

The same with the USA, Canada is a big country, and heavily dependent on its road network. However, because of its less population density, and harsh climates, the majority of people depend on their personal vehicles for all their transportation needs. Given that cars are a big expense, having an aftermarket parts can help prolong its life and offer huge saving. Being a locally owned company in Canada, PartsAvatar has warehouses all throughout Canada and lessen costs like custom duties, shipping fees and others. Shipping is free anywhere in Canada for those car parts more than $99 CAD.

PartsAVatar is company founded with the belief that their customers must have the best possible spectrum of services and products available in the market today. According to the Chief Executive Officer of PartsAvatar, “We tend to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, in order to innovate, test new ideas and continuously improve upon our achievements. It is this persistence that has brought us this far, from a conceptual idea to a successful enterprise within a span of two years.”

He also added that, “We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve - to transform the current Auto Parts Industry into a fast paced, rapidly evolving cutting edge technologically advanced industry, that leads the automotive industry in the future. It is this futuristic vision, skill set and tenacious diligence that keeps us apart from the crowd.”

At PartsAVatar, they also offer superb ease of access to automotive parts information to help their customers accurately determine the parts they need at the price, which best fit their budget.

About PartsAvatar

PartsAvatar is Canadian-based automotive parts online retailer with a goal to become an international leader in the online automotive and recreational vehicle retail industry providing a wide array of brand name products personalized to any budget. The company takes prides itself on offering excellent customer service, fair priced products, along with fast delivery from their Canadian based warehouses.

For more information about PartsAVatar, visit their official website at

Dr. K. Kasala
Company: PartsAvatar
Address: 12743 80 Ave, Surrey, British Columbia, V3W 3A6, Canada
Contact Number: 1-844-850-5333
Email: [email protected]

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