Offering an evolutionary view of humanity, -WE- Genius Minds challenges viewers to imagine what present-day society would gain if everyone had access to their own genius.  This inspiring and impactful documentary film empowers women while raising awareness in everyone.  Nine extraordinary women were selected for the film:

- Ninhursag, the Goddess of Genesis
- Mary Magdalene, an Initiate equal to Christ
- Perenelle Flamel, who discovered the Elixir of Life
- Joan of Arc, Conqueror and Heroine of France;
- The true identity of Da Vinci, The “Universal Genius”
- Elizabeth I, Virgin Queen & Sovereign Goddess
- Aspasia of Athens, Most renowned woman of Ancient Athens
- Mileva Máric, Co-author of Einstein's early work
- JZ Knight, a Great Woman Genius of our time.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at,  offers pledge levels from $10 to $25,555, with rewards including everything from a -WE- Genius Minds thank you, digital download of the documentary, coffee mug, t-shirt, advance DVD copy of the documentary, name credits in the film, signed framed poster, skype call and lunch with the director, VIP premiere tickets, associate or executive producer package, and a signed print of the original -WE- Genius Minds poster.  For more information, visit the Indiegogo page.

About -WE- Genius Minds:

-WE- Genius Minds is a documentary focused on the unspoken stories of nine extraordinary women.

Contact Person: Paulina Amador
Company: -WE- Genius Minds Documentary Film
Address: Seattle, WA - US
Phone: 3609551308
Email: [email protected]

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