Carmel, Ind. - Local photographer Jim Wyant is one of Indiana’s better photographers and has the pedigree to support this fact with several state, regional and national awards for his nature photography. The pair recently were featured on television following the reopening of the National Park Service. They were out west looking for shots to add to their growing gallery and happened to be stopped by a camera crew.

“It was exciting,” said Jim Wyant of the experience.

The Wyants real goal was to capture the raw beauty and essence of the National Park System. They visited several and took some breathtaking photographs.

One such photograph, entitled Soul Mates, the Wyants felt captured the wildness of the west while simultaneously capturing what it means to have a mate in a single moment. The snapshot is one of Jim’s top award winners, used in merit, loan collection and grand imaging.

The piece is a special finish, metallic paper. The piece is mounted between acrylic and designed for framing or hung directly as is. The sizes will range from 20x20 to 40x40. An AR, augmented reality, tool is available on the website for customers to see how the image would lie on the wall for the best size decision. Pull up the print on a camera phone, and tap the link next to the image. The AR will show the user how the piece will lie on the wall.

The Wyants have made the decision to put Soul Mates into their Limited Edition portion of the gallery. This means only 30 total prints will be made. No further prints will be produced after the 30 are sold. All prints will be numbered.

Another feature available on the website is the ability to magnify Soul Mates, this provides the visitor with a glimpse into the fine details of the print, including the eyes and individual snow flakes.

“This is certainly one of my most cherished pieces I have been fortunate enough to capture. I love wildlife, natural and still image work. I feel this piece would make an excellent addition to any professional office, personal office or home,” said Wyant.

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