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Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Company, a leading supplier of material, equipment and information to the communications and electrical supply industries, is currently offering its clients in those industries a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through their online catalog, which is viewable and searchable on the company’s website, provided below.

The Personal Protective Equipment available from Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Company is useful for workers throughout a diverse set of industries. One type of PPE clothing option the company offers is insect repellent apparel. Photon’s insect repellent apparel provides protection against insects that is odorless and that can last up to 70 washes while maintaining its repellant properties. Among the insects the apparel can protect workers from are mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midgets.

Work shirts and jeans are also available through Photon’s online catalog under the category Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Their work shirts and jeans are listed to be 100% cotton, flame resistant, durable and made in the U.S.A. Photon also stocks PPE in a Pail kits from Arc Rated Safety. These kits are designed to keep clothing and equipment safe and dry at a work site; each kit includes a choice of clothing option along with safety glasses, earplugs, balaclava, a hard hat with face shield assembly, a pail, lid and an ARS carrying bag. Customers interested in the PPE in a Pail kit have the option of choosing either coveralls, a jacket and bib, or lab coat with leggings as the clothing that is included in the kit. More details can be found at

In addition to the durable and lightweight clothing and equipment protection kits, Photon also offers a first aid kit. The first aid kit comes with 82 pieces of first aid equipment for convenient access and storage at a job site. Currently, Photon Communications is providing customers with a 10% discount off of their next purchase of PPE clothing and accessories by liking the company’s Facebook page.

Beyond PPE, Photon provides many different products to clients in the communications and electrical supply industry through their online catalog. Tools, solar products, cable & wire, hardware, heat shrink tubing and auxiliary framing are just a few examples of products available on Photon’s website.

Photon Communications & Electrical Supply aims to provide each of their customers with a combination of excellent customer service and top-quality products. Their company values include honesty, integrity, respect and strong customer relationships. For more information on Photon Communications or for details about the products they offer and their experience working with different industries, the company may be contacted using the contact information provided below.

Company: Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Co.
Address: 27 Commerce Boulevard # 1, West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: 855-878-1919
Email: [email protected]

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