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Photon Communications, an electronic supply company based in Pennsylvania, recently made an announcement concerning electrical safety. The company described its announcement as a public service message, intended to help homeowners – and anyone else dealing with electrical repair – maintain safety at all times. The company went on to state that electrocution is a major cause of death and injury in the United States, but that it can usually be prevented when proper precautions are taken. Photon Communications encouraged the public to take such precautions, given the dangers inherent in working with electrical currents.

Photon Communications announced that electrical injuries often occur as a result of ignorance: many people are injured when they attempt to make electrical repairs without the proper knowledge or training. The company stated that, for this reason, no one should attempt to make electrical repairs without proper knowledge of electrical systems. Photon Communications stated that homeowners who find that electrical repairs are beyond their expertise are advised to call a professional electrician.

Photon Communications went on to describe some basic tips that homeowners should always keep in mind when working with electricity. Firstly, homeowners should never work with a “live” electrical outlet or wire. Photon Communications stated that the power supply should always be shut off when electrical repairs are being made. Photon Communications also stated that water can be a very dangerous element when electrical repairs are being made, as it conducts electricity and raises the risk of electrocution. Photon Communications stated that anyone doing electrical repairs should always make sure that the work area is completely dry.

Photon Communications also announced the importance of proper equipment. In order to help ensure safety, Photon Communications announced its inventory of safety equipment, including insulated tools. The company stated that the insulation on these tools is designed to prevent electricity from flowing through the tools themselves. Such tools, according to Photon Communications, greatly reduce the risk of electric shock.

Photon Communications states that they are committed to maintaining the continuity of prompt delivery, support, and feedback.  The company stated that it is a “leading supplier of material and know-how to the Communications and Electrical Supply industries.”  Photon Communications & Electrical Supply, Co. is a Women Business Enterprise, certified by the WBENC. Reviews can be read at,-75.878919,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x95c9b09c00d80764!8m2!3d39.8259619!4d-75.878919

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