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In a recent public service announcement for South Carolina homeowners, Pickens Construction, Inc. named the benefits of milling, as opposed to traditional gravel. According to Pickens Construction, while many South Carolina homeowners are familiar with gravel driveways, they are typically not as familiar with milled asphalt driveways, which tend to be the better choice. Pickens Construction went on to state that its goal is to familiarize South Carolina homeowners with the best choice available to them.

Pickens Construction stated that milling can save homeowners big money over gravel. Pickens Construction announced that milled asphalt is made from recycled materials, as opposed to gravel, which must be obtained from rock. Pickens Construction announced that, because milled asphalt comes from recycled materials, it is much cheaper than gravel. Pickens Construction stated that, because the milled asphalt is so much cheaper, South Carolina homeowners are able to save money right off the bat when they choose this greener option for driveways and other paving projects. Visit them at or use this URL, , to stay up to date on their latest posts.

Pickens Construction went on to announce an additional benefit of using milled asphalt instead of gravel. According to Pickens Construction, milled driveways actually require less maintenance than gravel driveways. For one, according to Pickens Construction, milled asphalt creates less mud than gravel, which in turn requires less clean up. Pickens Construction stated that, additionally, the gravel in gravel driveways needs to be replaced and added to more frequently than asphalt. Pickens Construction stated that such replacement is not necessary with the milled asphalt driveways. Pickens Construction went on to state that reduced maintenance not only saves homeowners time--it saves them money as well.

In its concluding statements, Pickens Construction announced that milled asphalt can withstand any type of weather, hot or cold. According to Pickens Construction, this means that if the weather changes from hot to chilly in a South Carolina winter, a milled asphalt driveway will maintain its integrity. Pickens Construction stated that the flexibility and durability of a milled asphalt driveway will help homeowners save lots of money on repair and replacement costs. According to Pickens Construction, the dollars that milled asphalt allows homeowners to save gives it a huge advantage over gravel. They can be followed at

Company: Pickens Construction, Inc.
Address: 415 McGee Rd., Anderson, SC 29625
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