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Local Anderson construction company Pickens Construction is proud to announce that it has been providing exceptional services to clients in the Anderson, SC area since 1946. According to the announcement, the company - which was first called Pickens Brothers - initially specialized in grading. The company stated that it has added new specialties over time, evolving into what it is today. In 1948, the company began to specialize in highway construction, while in 1956, the company began to focus on utility construction. Pickens stated that, while it has gone through many changes over the years, it has always remained a family business. Its current owner is William B. Pickens, Jr. who has been employed with the company since 1985. Pickens went on to state that it has stuck to the original principles that it was first founded on.

Pickens stated that it continues to provide a variety of construction services to the Anderson area. Pickens still provides grading services, as well as road construction and utility construction. Beyond that, Pickens also provides storm drainage services in the local area, as well as rock crushing and milling services, driveway repair, and commercial and industrial construction. Pickens stated that a full list of its services can be found at

Pickens stated that its website contains extended contact information for potential clients. According to Pickens, the site also provides the contact information of the company's chief estimator, who is able to quote any job that a client might have.

Pickens Construction closed by saying that it has provided reliable, affordable, and top-notch services to the Anderson area for over seventy years, and it will continue to provide that level of service for years to come. According to Pickens, the company prides itself on its ability to adapt to a changing industry. It will continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of its clients. Pickens stated that its commitment to exceptional service is what has kept it in business for all of these years, and this commitment is what will allow the company to grow for decades to come.

Company: Pickens Construction
Address: 415 McGee Rd., Anderson, SC 26925
Phone: (864)224-8999

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