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Pickens Construction, a leading asphalt and grading company based in upstate South Carolina, has published a blog post on the benefits of choosing asphalt milling for a driveway. Titled “Three Reasons Why Milling Is Better Than Traditional Gravel,” the post was published to the construction company’s online blog, which it maintains on its website listed in the contact information below.

The upstate South Carolina construction company specializing in asphalt and paving projects begins its blog post by acknowledging that most homeowners in its service territory around Anderson, South Carolina usually consider gravel first and foremost when it comes to driveway construction and repaving projects.

The information recognizes that milling, however, is a viable alternative for these homeowners for a variety of reasons. According to Pickens , milling “can withstand almost any type of temperature, is known for costing less than regular gravel, and does not have to be maintained as much as a typical gravel driveway.”

The blog post goes on to discuss several specific benefits of using millings instead of alternatives like gravel. The first reason to choose asphalt milling as listed in the information is that it is often a more cost effective option than gravel. Pickens writes that the cost effectiveness is due in part to the material used: “…millings come from recycled asphalt pavement that has been crushed into a very fine gravel. Unlike traditional gravel, which must come from a stone yard, millings are considerably less due to their recycled nature.”

Beyond its cost-effectiveness, the other benefits of asphalt milling detailed by Pickens Construction are the relatively little maintenance the material requires and its durability when subjected to both hot and cold weather. “Since milling is recycled and meant to hold up in many different circumstances,” reads the South Carolina construction company’s post, “even hot summer days will not have a negative effect on it.”

The online blog, written by Pickens Construction, contains a library of information that is relevant to anyone responsible for creating or maintaining a paved surface. Other recent posts include “Three Reasons Why Sealing A Driveway Is Important” and “Common Repairs That You May Need To Fix Your Property.” More information can be found at , or use this URL,

Pickens Construction, which offers a fully-staffed lab and state certification in both South Carolina and Georgia, has served individual and business clients throughout its service territory since the company was founded in 1946. The construction company specializes in the full range of road construction services, from site preparation and demolition to concrete curb & gutters. Reviews can be read at,-82.7622771,12z/data=!4m17!1m11!4m10!1m3!2m2!1d- 82.6922393!2d34.5427918!1m5!1m1!1s0x88586f20b0038391:0x7c6130e6a220a3ff!2m2!1d-82.692237!2d34.5382869!3m4!1s0x88586f20b0038391:0x7c6130e6a220a3ff!8m2!3d34.5382869!4d-82.692237 . For more information on the services offered by Pickens Construction, or to view a portfolio of recently completed projects, the company may be contacted by using the information below. Follow them at

Pickens Construction
Address: 415 McGee Rd, Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: 864-224-8999
Email: [email protected]

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