27, July 2017: How often has an incident occurred that ties up traffic or even shuts down a location? Being alerted to the problem while out and about can save valuable time and potentially ensure one’s physical safety. That’s the idea behind “Ping” (http://www.get-ping.com), which is a tool for solving two problems: staying alerted to local incidents and alerting the user’s friends and family that they are safe, or if necessary, alerting them to send help. Whether traveling your neighborhood or traveling abroad, Ping keeps you up-to-date on emergencies as they happen, helps geolocate friends, and even notifies your friends and family about your safety if you happen to be near a trouble spot.

In its essence, Ping advances the concept of a connected society and social media with a real-time map of the surrounding area. Information is crowd-sourced via user posts called “pings” which use text as well as embedded pics or video to alert other people or just broadcast fun messages to your friends such as “who’s around - let’s meet for drinks!” When moving to a new area, users can easily look for recent or past Pings about the place or look up local restaurants or the nearest gas station.

"My Wife and I were already planning a trip to prais when the attack occurred in 2015 said Ping CEO Drazen Zigic. " I startes thinking about what I Could do as a father and husaband to protect my family in such situations. We first researched apps to see if there was something suitable available but we didn't find what we hoped for so we built our own."

Ping FEATURES Include

* Instantly share information about nearby emergencies and dangers - or get alerted yourself

* Request help if needed

* Find locations of friends and family - and share your location with them

* “Trusted Contact” feature lets you tag your most important people to hear from / alert

* Automatically check in when arriving at destinations and let selected people know you’re safe

* Meet new people nearby or anywhere in the world and follow them

* Send and receive direct messages

* Filter map content

* Get notified when someone creates a new ping

* Create pings, accompanied with text, image or video

* It's 100% FREE.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Drazen Zigic (CEO)
Phone: +41768042228
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.get-ping.com/

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