Dallas, Texas – A coveted personal transformation coach and a certified NLP practitioner, Pip McKay has now authored a new book to help people overcome boundaries by improving their communication skills. While her previous literary endeavors have made her a #1 Amazon best-selling author, she is bound to accomplish more with this recent release. The book aims to help readers overcome communication problems to find compassion and strength in all walks of life. McKay has utilized a parable to teach the readers about how differences between people can often just be miscommunications, and they can be overcome easily.

Titled 4 Tribes One Earth: A Parable of Love and Communication, the book is based on a love story developing between two diverse characters. As the two characters overcome their boundaries and limiting traits to find love in each other, the readers learn a valuable lesson of compassion and understanding. The title of the book is derived from the 4 common human communication behaviors that McKay identifies in the book. Through her characters, she shares how to identify and hone these behaviors in order to have better interactions, to learn from other people, to find strength in differences and to evolve and grow from it.

McKay is a highly driven and coveted professional in the field of personal transformation and NLP coaching. Her literary endeavors have won her awards and critical recognition in the past. Having dealt with ADHD and dyslexia at a young age, she overcame her boundaries to find success in her field. As part of her education, she has earned a BA Honours degree in English Literature and a Diploma of Education with Distinction from The University of Sydney and much more. Having spent many years as an acting teacher at The McDonald College of Performing Arts, McKay found her calling when she realized her ability to successfully coach students, staff and solve problems.

Since then, she has dedicated more than 20 years to improving the lives of those around her. Other than her commendable coaching, NLP and literary career, she is also the owner of her very own acting company called Spark Productions. With a labyrinth of achievements and honors under her belt, McKay’s latest literary endeavor is geared for success.

Pip McKay is available for interviews.

4 Tribes One Earth: A Parable of Love and Communication is now available on Amazon.com.
Book preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJMLLLM.

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