Italian food is beloved across the world. PIZZACAPPUCINO.COM delivers the best in recipes by Italians, from Italy.

January 20, 2020 - Finding amazing, easy-to-follow Italian food recipes doesn’t have to be a challenge. Leading the way is the team of Italian food-lovers at the new website PIZZACAPPUCCINO.COM, who delivering a fresh and refreshing look at the best and most authentic news, views, and daily recipes from gastronomic Italy. Of to a very quick start, the team has thanked their readers for the platform’s early success and promise to keep the bar and standards high as PIZZACAPPUCCINO continues to grow.

“The idea of founding PIZZACAPPUCCINO was born during our trip to the USA in 2018,” commented Gianluca Ferrara, the founder. “One night me and my wife were hosted by a family and we were watching together a tv show about cooking. We were nearly freaking out when the participant listed one by one his ingredients for pasta Carbonara: we were like ‘no…this is not the right ingredient, oh nooo this one either, oh my God noooooo, nooooo’! So, in that moment we thought: ok there is a lot of confusion about Italian dishes around the World, why don’t we write down the masterpiece of our tradition, directly in English language, in order to be a point of reference? So PIZZACAPPUCCINO was born, combining into the name the two most famous Italian words in the World!”

The authentic recipes shared by the website have all won praise for being universally delicious and completely loyal to their Italian roots. Dinners, quick meals, and desserts have all been featured, and equally fun and informative are the daily news updates, Italian culinary history lessons, and fun cultural tidbits, that combine to make for addictive daily reading, even when a new recipe isn’t needed.

Searching PIZZACAPPUCCINO is simple, from both its search bar, along with “recent”, “most popular”, and “random” charts to help inspire a meal to remember.

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We are Italians. We live in Italy. We love Italian food. Our dream is to make the worldwide point of reference for the authentic Italian food, our daily mission is to collect only the best authentic traditional Italian recipes. Cook Italian, Eat Italian!

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