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Offering a completely wireless and Bluetooth EMS suit that contains 20 pre-placed electrodes on all major muscles for clients to use at the wellness centers.

(Newport Beach, Calif.) - The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading thanks to science, social distancing and personal protections. The past year and a half has many people suffering from weight gain as many are working from home and staying at home, and the lack of physical activity is evident.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are actively working to reverse this situation as they are opening a chain of wellness centers across California with a new training system. The Nuzuna Power Driven Training, PDT, system. What is going to set Nuzuna Wellness Centers apart from the rest of other exercise locations is the open arms mentality the chain has.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers want any and all body shapes and styles to feel welcome and without fearing being judged. Their goal is a brand with a concentration on health, well-being and empowerment. Participants can use the PDT workout system with careful observation and consultation. As the chain puts it, “This is for everyBODY.”

“We are very excited to bring this technology for health and wellness that includes not only physical therapy for those who need it but training in our facilities with or without a personal trainer,” said Charles Laverty, Founder of Nuzuna.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are working on a new proprietary fitness suit using EMS, electro-muscle stimulation. This system is designed to provide a total body workout equivalent to a four-hour workout in just 20 short minutes. EMS is designed to stimulate 90 percent of the muscles in the body from large muscle groups to the smallest. The program is safe for almost everyone but checking in with a physician is strongly recommended just like any exercise program.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers has also taken the EMS system one step further and is developing the network for a home EMS suit. The EMS suit means a full body, intensive workout can be done for the busy individual who is staying at home for health or personal reasons to gain the benefits of a workout and exercise without leaving home. The EMS suit is wireless, made with a bi-elastic material and machine washable. The lined silver inside the suit has antibacterial qualities that neutralizes odors and maximizes hygiene.

About Nuzuna Wellness Centers
Nuzuna Wellness Centers is the first company in Southern California that incorporates Germany’s revolutionary Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to enhance a traditional workout for clients to use at the wellness centers. EMS has been making its way into the fitness industry, promising to strengthen muscles, boost stamina, increase flexibility, and much more internal health benefits that are still under clinical research. Using this training system with Nuzuna’s trainers can provide visible results after just four sessions, whether through one-on-one or group training programs. Nuzuna Wellness Centers offer various class styles, including Kickboxing, TRX Training, Personal/Group Training, Yoga, Pilates, and Indoor Cycling as well as Physical Therapy and Cryotherapy services.

For more information, including information about the EMS suit, visit Follow Nuzuna Wellness Centers on social media on Facebook @NuzunaWellness; Instagram @nuzunafitness; YouTube @NuzunaZoneFitness and LinkedIn @nuzunafit. Learn more about EMS at this video.

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