Prestarrs, a much-known online store dealing in women’s dresses and fashion apparels, is now offering rebates on its collection of cheap maxi dresses as a part of their end-of-season sale. Considering the profits it has been raking in at year end over the past few years, the management seems to be following a definite strategy that’s working for them. The owners said that this was a marketing strategy to make the

On asking whether the offers are a part of the management’s plans to allure more customers, the Chairman of Prestarrs said, "First of all, as far as our customers are concerned, they are the ones who have supported us till now. We thought of doing something special to make the end-of-season sale more attractive and started offering discounts on select ladies' dresses."

"Secondly, we try to offer the best and the most fashionable dresses at cheapest prices. We have a vast collection, which includes cheap maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, fashionable and cheap t-shirts, blouses, and other fashion items that a woman might need to look good. Our recent discounts would surely make them happy to the core. The rebates vary from 30% straight up to 75% and one can take their pick as they like, of course according to their budget", he was heard saying.

"There is a 30% discount on round neck floral printed maxi dresses, a 40% off on round neck printed maxi dresses, 50% off on new chiffon sunscreen two-piece dresses, v-neck polka dot maxi dress, elegant chiffon floral print maxi dresses, vintage chiffon floral maxi dresses, and v-neck printed maxi dresses, etc. Moving forward, we are dishing out 60% rebates on women’s large size printed maxi dresses, v-neck print maxi dresses, and versatile fashion simple printing maxi dresses", relayed the Chairman.

"Customers can also avail a 70% discount on v-neck sleeveless chiffon print maxi dresses. Our ensemble is up-to-date with the latest trends and every item is available in all shapes and sizes. We hope we can continue to be the reason of their happiness.", he signed off.

About the Company

Prestarrs is an online shop catering to women’s fashion.

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