Dallas, TX — [Nov 29, 2017] Customers using Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) for phone service now have access to a new system that nearly eliminates downtime or call dropping and provides extraordinary audio quality – as strong as landline service. PrimeVOX Communications has designed a new infrastructure that cuts downtime to less than 10 seconds before the system automatically repairs the outage and restores service.

PrimeVOX Communications uses HD (high definition) audio combined with a modern Audio Codec -- called Opus -- that provides extraordinary audio quality for incoming and outgoing calls. In layman’s terms, this telephone system converts voice into data and then back to voice again. One of the remarkable qualities of this system is near-perfect call quality for customers using Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi to make phone calls flying at 30,000 feet. PrimeVOX Communications is one of the first VoIP providers to integrate Opus in their production environment.

“This new Opus system has a ton of cool features that allow us to offer excellent call quality even in the very worst network connections,” said Luke Escude, VoIP engineer, PrimeVOX Communications. “Opus enables our users to make calls that can withstand the inconsistency and volatility of any internet connection.”

With the new infrastructure developed by PrimeVOX, VoIP customer’s phones are simultaneously connected to data centers across the United States. If there is an outage, the system automatically connects the customer’s phone to an alternative data center. This self-healing mesh is what eliminates downtime to less than 10 seconds. Many VoIP carriers may need up to 30 minutes to repair an outage and frequently need up to an hour of downtime monthly.

Customers enjoy unlimited toll-free calling, along with unlimited custom music for on-hold tracks and hunt groups. Inbound call queues, ring and paging groups, and voicemail to email are all also unlimited. Users can manage their entire account online and use it for home and office.

“We are proud to stay on the bleeding edge of the most current technology improvements for VoIP,” stated Escude. “With our system, clients can keep their existing numbers and in many cases their existing VoIP equipment, even if they have analog numbers.”

Escude said PrimeVOX will launch an innovative audio/video conferencing system in the near future.

About PrimeVOX Communications, LLC
As a cloud-based PBX and VoIP service company, PrimeVOX is a recognized leader in the local DFW VoIP industry. Offering advanced technologies partnered with superior customer service, PrimeVOX is the premiere provider of voice services. For more information, visit https://www.PrimeVOX.net.

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