The Professional Tactical EDC Workbag is an all new and practical bag with several tactical features as well as amazing benefits. The creator of this bag wanted to create a perfectly flawless solution that can be practical and beneficial at the same time. For everyone working in the modern day urban environment, this bag is an answer to all their needs in a perfect bag for laptop and stuff.

Professional Tactical Laptop Workbag has been offered with a modular design and users can choose from their pre-configured options or they can even create your own one. Moreover, it arrives fully assembled and is the most lightweight yet highly durable bag ever made in this category. Moreover, with such a compact size, it carries all the gadgets and practical as well as tactical tools for survival in case of an emergency.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from all around the world can get this bag through backing this project. From $35 to $850, each pledge in this campaign offers great rewards.

About This Project

This inspiring fundraiser project is about an all new and patented tactical survival bag that offers everything in one bag. This bag is highly practical with several amazing features and benefits and it is now available through a Kickstarter campaign that has been launched to support this amazing project. Everyone is welcome to back this bag and get it on special early bird packages via Kickstarter.

Contact Person: Matthew Neal
Company: DMR Pro Tactical
Address: FL
Phone: 7277358517
Email: [email protected]

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