ProtectorClean has recently announced its offer to provide free nanotechnology protective coating to its clients when ProtectorClean restores their shower glass.

The offer by ProtectorClean ensures that homeowners do not only have their shower glass cleaned by a professional and reliable company, but also has icing on the cake, with the application of a nanotechnology protective coating to ensure that the glass stays crystal clean for a longer period of time.

The protective coating comes with other features in addition to helping the shower glass remain crystal clean for a longer period. Some of the other benefits of the offer in addition to keeping the glass clean for a longer period is that the coating repels water and dirt, ensures the durability of the glass due to its anti-scratch features and makes it easier to keep the surface of the glass clean.

The offer is exclusive to the shower glass cleaning service provided by ProtectorClean and cannot be combined with any other special offer, discount or service.

In addition to helping homes keep their shower glass clean and durable, ProtectorClean also offers other cleaning and sealing services to residents and businesses of Perth and its surroundings. Some of the services include pressure cleaning and sealing, vacuum gutter cleaning, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, and upholstery cleaning.

About ProtectorClean

ProtectorClean is a cleaning company based in Perth, Australia. As one of the leading cleaning service providers in Australia, the company provides industrial, commercial and residential cleaning and sealing services in the Perth and surrounding areas.

Some of the services provided by ProtectorClean include residential and commercial carpet cleaning, shower glass cleaning and protecting, tile cleaning, pressure washing, vacuum gutter cleaning, sealants and protectants, and upholstery cleaning.

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Company: ProtectorClean
Address: PO Box 2309, Marmion, WA 6020, Australia
Phone: 0865557743
Email: [email protected]

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