Speculation Reaches Fever Pitch on PVE Tokens as Pre-ICO Launches Today

October 12 2017 – The link between cryptocurrencies and online gaming is already well-established,  – but the vision of Providence Crypto Casino & Resort may bridge the gap between the digital and the physical once and all. The revolutionary idea is simple: a real world cashless casino and resort where digital cryptocurrency is used across all transactions, from purchasing chips for the casino floor to eating caviar to celebrate winnings at one of many in-resort high-class restaurants.

With studies indicating a global casino growth rate of 10.16% between 2017 and 2021, Providence Casino is well-placed to take advantage of the incredible rise of cryptocurrency interest as well as stepping into an industry which won $450bn from gamblers in the United States in 2016 alone.

“We are very excited to launch the pre-ICO today,” said Alen Huskanović, Providence’s Marketing and Communications Director. “We are introducing the idea of a cashless operation, run using only cryptocurrencies integrated with blockchain technology and digital assets. Together with the lucrative casino and resort model, this is a one-of-a-kind, world-first opportunity that anyone can invest in starting right now.”

The Worlds 1st Crypto Casino, which is still in development, is seeking investment in its own cryptocurrency, the PVE. With the main ICO taking place in November 2017, a pre-ICO is set to whet the appetite of investors who are eager to see the revolutionary new casino succeed.
The Pre-ICO, which launches today (October 4th) will run through October 18th. With investors in the pre-ICO gaining a 35% bonus on each PVE token they purchase, early investors are already showing their confidence in the innovative vision that the team behind Providence Crypto Casino & Resort has been laid bare before them.

The minimum contribution to the Pre-ICO is set at 5 ETH – with 1 ETH buying 810 PVE. With a pre-sale hard cap of 14,000 ETH to be accepted in the sale, it is recommended that potential investors act sooner rather than later. Early contributors will also receive an exclusive Providence Debit Card, melted and crafted from 18 Karat gold (280 ETH contribution upwards) and sterling silver (70 ETH and upwards).

Providence Casino is a world-first in many ways; as well as being the world’s first cashless physical casino where cryptocurrency is the de facto currency, it is also leading the charge to connect the physical and digital world of gaming, leisure, and entertainment.

With the online gaming industry currently in a disruptive process of upheaval, the  project aims to open the exciting world of cryptocurrencies to ordinary users. Visitors will be able to spend their crypto tokens in multiple on-site leisure facilities, including restaurants.

The PVE tokens can also be exchanged for chips on the casino floor. When cashed in, the casino will lock down the exchange rate for a full 72 hours at no charge – even if the famously volatile markets slide downward. As an ERC20 token, PVE may also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies on the Providence Exchange..

For those who opt to keep a hold on their PVE tokens, there is a chance to become a millionaire. The casino’s “Jackpot Millionaire” program ensures that every quarter, 20% of PVE profits are placed into a provably-fair jackpot on the casino’s online website. Anyone with more than 20 PVE tokens is entered into a reward pool – with the potential to win millions.

The exciting project and pre-ICO is already creating a stir in the online world, with many cryptocurrency enthusiasts expressing fevered interest in the new project on Bitcoin Talk. Vlora Asset Management has already participated in an OTC deal for institutional investors, reserving 30M tokens – more significant investment is expected to follow in the pre-ICO.

To contribute to the pre-ICO, please visit https://www.providence.casino/tokensale. For more information about Providence Crypto Casino & Resort as well as its development timeline, please visit https://www.providence.casino. For media inquiries, please contact Alen Huskanović at +385998877891 or email at [email protected].

About Providence Crypto Casino & Resort
Providence Crypto Casino & Resort is the world’s first cashless, physical casino, operated using only cryptocurrency. The casino offers its own ERC20 token, the PVE, which uses advanced blockchain technology integration. Players can play using the PVE and transform their tokens into fun and usable assets in the real world. For more information, please visit Providence Crypto Casino & Resort’s website.

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Company: Providence Crypto Casino & Resort
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Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.providence.casino/

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