China - Qherb, a pharmaceutical research institution which has donated years of effort and research in finding out the best possible solution for indigestion problems, recently launched White Willow Bark Extract , or Salix Babylonica L. The herbal medicine is now available through the online store of Qherb. The owners said that the newly launched product is now easily available through their web store, which functions now as a full-spectrum online store featuring a wide variety of herbal medicines.

At a recent press conference, the owners of Qherb claimed that the White Willow Bark Extract is made from 100% natural raw materials. “It appears like a yellow fine powder and our researchers have used the bark of the plant for making the medicine”, said a top executive. “The White Willow Bark Extract is a fast-growing plan which is short-lived as well. Various diseases can be treated with the extract. The extract has excellent antipyretic, analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties. The herb can strengthen stomach and increase digestive abilities of the people who are suffering from chronic disorders”, the executive claimed. He also added that the White Yellow Bark Extract is effective in giving relief to people who are suffering from arthritis pain as well as chronic back pain.

According to the executive, White Yellow Bark Extract is usually applied in cosmetic products, and it is usually used as a pain-reliever. “However, in our pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used for curing fever, infections and common colds. It also helps in diminishing all sorts of inflammation and it promotes digestion as well”, he added during a recent press conference.

Qherb owners made it clear during the press conference that the commercial distribution of White Yellow Bark Extract has already started and both retail and wholesale buyers can order the product through their website. They said that they are now actively seeking distributors in Europe and North America. “White Yellow Bark Extract has been quite popular here in China through decades and centuries, but we have repackaged the traditional herb and we believe we can find good traction in overseas markets”, said the CEO of Qherb during a pre-launch press conference.

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