On August 3, 2019, Jesus Maria (don Chuy or Chalia) Calderon Marquez died. He passed away from COPD and complications with his heart and an infection. This was not expected. He was still very strong. The way everything happened is beyond comprehension and the family is still in shock. Understandably Brenda (his daughter) is struggling to cope, so I, Janet Contero, am stepping in to help her with trying to get funding for his memorial services.

His side of the family offered to help when he passed. They even posted pictures of him and a few are trying to raise money. However, the rest of his family as the days went by have stopped calling or are not willing to help.

His daughter and grandchildren are absolutely devastated by Jesus Maria Calderon Marquez’s passing and are struggling to find the funds to cover the cost of the service. It’s been two (2) weeks and his body is still in the hospital morgue. The family does not have much more time before the hospital requests the body to be moved. They have no place to put the body. So, I have started a funeral fundraiser to help cover the cost of his funeral expenses. The family was not prepared for the high cost of a funeral, and during this difficult time is reaching out for help. The money from this campaign is going to his memorial services. The family has chosen cremation and in addition to the cremation services and viewing they also have to buy an urn for the ashes, flowers, and all materials for the memorial. This is URGENT and the family does not know what else to do or what they will do if they cannot pay for his cremation memorial services.

Please consider donating if you can, as any amount will truly help. We are very grateful for every donation during this difficult time.

Thank you so much for your consideration!!!

Janet Contero
[email protected]
Paypal Address: [email protected] (friends and family)


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