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Rea & Associates, one of the largest accounting firms in Ohio with more than a dozen locations throughout the state, has been recognized for its extensive library of free, online articles and resources. The library includes articles from industry professionals and experts concerning a wide range of financial topics and is available free of charge on the CPA firm’s website, which is provided in the contact information below.

The online article library available through Rea & Associates is searchable by category, industry and author to allow for access to articles that are most relevant for a particular individual, business or situation. Library articles are authored by professionals and staff members of Rea & Associates who write articles within their respective areas of expertise. More information can be found at

The most recent article added to the library was written by Becca Davis, Rea’s director of practice growth. Her article, titled “Plan For a Crisis To Minimize The Fallout,” focuses on best practices for businesses in developing a crisis communications plan. The article also defines what constitutes a business crisis, often a vague concept for business owners.

“If it impacts the safety or security of your customers or employees, it’s a crisis,” Davis writes. A plan is necessary because “when a crisis happens, you won’t have time to stop and develop a rational, level-headed communications plan.”

Beyond developing a plan, Davis’s article also shares insight into how leadership staff can best handle business crises. The article mentions, prompt communication, honesty, planning, practice, consultation with advisors and consideration of the human element as the key aspects of effective crisis leadership and communication.

Another recent article published through Rea’s online library includes “Tax Season Is Over, Time To Relax, Right? Wrong!,” a series of tax tips that are applicable outside of what is traditionally referred to as tax season compiled by Terence Caldwell, CPA, a senior accountant with the firm. Business owners can also learn about “The Future Of Overtime Compensation” from Rea’s Director of Accounting Services Heather McNichols.

Beyond the online article library, the Zanesville CPA Firm as well as team members from the firm’s other eleven locations, offers a variety of other resources for free through its website. The firm also records and posts an informal informational podcast on called unsuitable on Rea Radio . The award-winning podcast features employees and other industry experts discussing timely topics related to financial stability and business enhancement. The firm also publishes regular print and email newsletters, and niche publications specialty tailored to specific industries.

For more information on the services provided by Rea & Associates at its Zanesville and other locations throughout Ohio, or to learn more about the free resources it provides, the firm may be contacted by using the information provided below.

Company: Rea & Associates CPA Firm
Address: 905 Zane Street, 2nd Floor, Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: 740-452-2900
Fax: 740-454-3292
Email: [email protected]

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