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Leading Mentor public accounting firm Rea & Associates has announced its ability to provide industry-specific accounting services for dental offices. The accounting firm’s expertise and experience providing accounting and financial services for the dental industry is significant enough that the firm maintains a dental services division, Bright Dental CPAs, which works specifically with the industry.

Beyond Rea & Associates Mentor , the firm boasts a dozen offices in different cities across the state of Ohio.

Rea & Associates devotes an entire web page to their dental services division, Bright Dental CPAs; the web address for this dental services division is provided in the contact information below. Bright Dental CPAs begins the information on their web page by acknowledging that the team’s primary goal in working with Ohio dentists is to help them build more sustainable and profitable dental practices.

Bright lists several financial and accounting services offer to help dentists build and sustain profitable practices. Accounting services include dental tax services, dental accounting services and bookkeeping services, with each service tailored to meet the unique needs of the dental industry. Beyond accounting, other financial planning services offered by Bright to the dental industry include practice benchmarking, dental practice valuations and retirement plans. Each financial planning service is listed under an umbrella of practice planning services that they frequently provide for dental practices.

The dental services division of Rea & Associates specifically mentions its consulting services for new dentists. Bright has experience providing the financial and accounting services advice and resources that are crucial to dentists who are starting their career or opening up a new office.

Additionally, a free e-book for new dentists that focuses on the financial aspects of starting a dental practice, including examples of typical dental practice business cycles, is available for download on Bright’s website. Further details can be found at

Bright Dental holds membership in the Institute of Dental CPAs, an organization of firms with CPAs dedicated to the dental industry and profession. The IDCPA requires members to hold the CPA certification and is not open to non-CPA dental accountants.

Beyond the dental profession, Rea & Associates also offers industry-specific accounting and financial planning services to a spectrum of industries that includes the oil & gas, non-profit, government, construction and medical sectors. The firm has served Ohio for over three quarters of a century since its founding in 1938. For more information on Rea & Associates, or for information on the services and specialties for individuals and businesses offered by their Mentor location, the company may be contacted by using the contact information provided below.

Company: Rea & Associates
Phone: 440-266-0077
Fax: 440-266-0088
Address: 7201 Center St., Mentor, Ohio 44060
Email: [email protected]

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